What's the problem with my set? (With picture)

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    So this is it.


    If TOP = 4 > On touched picture 1 > Stop all

    ----------------------------------------------Set TOP to 1

    --------------> On touched picture 2 > Stop all

    ----------------------------------------------Set TOP to 5

    ---------------> On touched picture 3 > Stop all

    ----------------------------------------------Set TOP to 5


    So what i want?

    If i start it, play a song randomly between that 9 songs... okay it works fine at first time.

    If i touch picture 1 start randomly choosen song again... This is not really working because something cunfused and starting to play all 9 songs at same time awhile... then stop all and 1 starting to play and if i touch picture 1 again gonna be even more confusion later...

    What's wrong with it?


  • Your events are cascading. Keep in mind that this event-sheet is read by the system almost 60 times per seconds from Top to Bottom.

    It seems like your Set "TOP" to X are executing one after another. I'm not exactly sure about what you try to achieve but there must be an easier way to do it. A way that is less confusing for the system I mean.

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  • Yeah i think you're true.

    I gonna rebuild it from the beggining

    Thank you for the advice!

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