what's better: in-game purchase or new application ?

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  • I'm doing my first game with construct2 and I plan to have a free but limited version and full version to be sold for 1$ let's say.

    I see two options of doing that:

    a) offer a single version in google play, and inlcude the option of in-game purchase the additional features inside the game (with real money)

    b) offer 2 versions in google play, the free and the $1 one.

    Option b is the easier I guess, and after reading many posts and tutorials, I do not have it clear how to transact with real money inside a game.

    What are your opinions ? can anyone give me some direction on how to make in-game purchase with real money ?

  • Offer 2 different versions, it will release lite and paid version both and provide paid app link in lite version!

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  • yep, I suppose it's the simple way from a programming perspective, but conversion rate into purchases I guess will be lower. But the trade off is that I should use IAP module, pay the google dev. fee as well and export with CooconJS instead of Crosswalk, so not quite sure what way to go.

  • That's not, what it was in my mind, i was suggesting in marketing perspective. It will help and if you are into promotion, concentrate on paid version they'll know about lite ver simultaneously.

  • Version 2 does seem like the wiser choice.

    I have recently launched my app with Google Play, so as for option "a" I would definitely like to see someone write a tutorial on how that would be done. The only one I have come across deal with digital currency as apposed to real money.

  • Go with B. Offer 2 versions in google play, the free and the $1 one. You can always put some Ads into a free version.

    IAP are total bullshit (personal opinion )

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