What's the best way to add a bunch of levels to a platformer

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  • hey guys, for the game jam this past week I put together a platformer game. To make the levels I used a tilesheet then added a new layout for each level. which worked out fine because it's a relatively small game, but if I expand the the game to say 100 levels then I would be using a 100 layouts and I'm not sure if that is the most efficient way to set up the game. I was thinking it would be better use of space if I make 1 layout but then upload different tilemap arrangements, however then I would also have to save the size, position, and other properties of all the game assets into a reference file so they change each level. but then I think that work be a challenge to edit later on.

    What's the best way to manage a lot of different level arrangements?

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  • Layouts add no overhead, only events, and assets add to cpu, and memory.

    Multiple layouts allows loading, and unloading of assets for memory management.

  • Add a different layout for each level.

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