How do I make a whack a mole type of Game

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  • How do I make a whack a mole type of Game using the hammer. I cannot make the hammer work.

  • Can you be more specific? Or show your capx?

  • you juste need to make in the events when sprite "hammer" is overlapping a sprite "mole", then > sprite "hammer" start animation "whack"

  • jamal12

    hi there, for example you could make the basic structure of a whack a mole game (like 9 holes in 3x3). Then have a global variable = 'spawnMole'. Then have a piece where if variable = 1 spawn the mole sprite on hole 1, if 2 spawn on hole 2, etc. You can fadein/out also maybe? Maybe look into if you can change the mouse pointer to like a hammer sprite or something. On click, the mole fadeouts and you gain 100 score.

    Maybe 'something along these lines' can help you .

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  • the mole and the hole and the spawnner is not he problem I may even use bubble examples but how to hit these bubbles or moles, usually with touched object but how to make a hammer appear when you hit the mole or the bubble?

  • With whack a mole games you usually have the hammer attached to your mouse.X and Mouse.Y (every tick).

    And when you click you start the hammer down animation.

    On mobile its something like

    touch > on touched object Mole | system > create object > Hammer x=Touch.X and Y=Touch.Y

    this should start an animation where the hammer falls and after animation end destroy hammer (maybe with a wait action in between)

  • fm4fanAT you're a genius man it work I am hitting my enemies over the head BAM. thanks. been looking for this for days and days

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