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  • Hello again brain trust! lol......

    I'm working on a little whack a mole game to play with the C2 features, but my question today is -- "How do I make the game penalize you for missing a mole?"

    My guess is there must be some condition set on the Sprite level that lets the game know the animation was played all the way through?

    I'll post if I figure it out, in the mean time any and all help would be awesome!

    Great program so far btw.

  • It depends on how you implement your game.

    But let say you have hole sprites and mole sprites that randomly spawns over the hole sprites, stay for like 0.5 second, and gets destroyed afterward.

    Then you can do somthing like

    Mouse: on click on hole
      Mouse: is over mole
        -> System: add 1 to score
      Mouse: [invert] is over mole
        -> System: substract 1 from score
  • There is an event called "sprite.on finished" which triggers when an animation has come to an end

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  • Thanks guys! Weishaupt's post was more along the lines of what I was looking for Yann, but I can see places to use your post too. Thanks again.

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