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  • Hey there.

    I have a problem using AJAX. I simply want to get the Output of an URL, which is an IP-Adress in my local Network, but not the Same machine. So, it does not work with AJAX and I really have no clue why. It ONLY works if I install the access-control-allow-origin plugin for chrome.

    Is there any way to avoid that? The URL I want to get is from an Application that offers some Data as a JSON Object.



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  • Some Additional Information: The User of my app has installed a tool on his PC which provides some Data my App needs. The App later has to work on every Device in the Local network.

  • No, this is an important part of the security model of the web, and you have to make sure the resource is served with the right CORS header (i.e. Access-Control-Allow-Origin).

  • So, since the Resource I try to access is a Software Tool ( which works flawless with other Programs which access it ), what can I do to make it work? If I understand correctly, the mini-web-server of the Tool has to be enabled to "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *", right?

    But why can other Programs access the Tool without problems?

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