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  • So I wanted to create a game from the free version and see how far i can go with a 100 event. And strangely The count is at 84 and I get a (you exceed your 100 event ) .... And i am left wondering where did the other 16 event go ? why can i not do this self challenge. Is there a bug in the free version counter ? after all i did go through alot of deletion and addition.

    Is there any fix i can do to resume other then obtaining my license. Because i feel like this is fairly unjustified against free version of when you told us we had 100 event to do. And if you do think its still working then Where can i find the sixteen event leech bug event so i can continue onto my adventure.

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  • Variables count, you must have 16 variables?

  • i did not know variable counted as an event. Possibly suggest to add in the box exceed to include "100 events and Variables". Thus you dont encounter my clones again ?

  • Sub Events are also counted I think , and yes variables are also counted as codah said. So you should check the down little information bar, you can see some infomartion there like memory use, active layer, events, and so on.

    Hope this helps

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