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  • Ok so let me say this is some crazy weird debug issue i have. So as you all know we have two kind of debug test. one with command prompt and seeing value behind the scene and the other one that is just plain browser test.

    My code only works for debug with the command prompt. Will not work with regular debug.

    Where it doesnt work is to allow the timer to resume after i told to stop and resizing an image to 0 and this is for some rpg style real time mock up idea i had.

    I have never encounter a situation where it work in one of the debug but not in other.

    Has anyone experience anything similar ?

    Well i dunno if it a real bug or not but I've solved it with (trigger once while true) after image height =0 but still it was quite entertaining to figure out why it would work for one of the debug and not the other.

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