This is weird or is it a bug

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  • ok So one of the events triggers is 'On animation finished' does not work at all

    but yet if i choose two condition 'Is animation playing' and the last 'animation frame is on'

    It work perfectly to why doesnt 'On animation finished' never has worked for me. When i am trying to progress to a new animation such as 'Crouch to idle animation' to end, to 'idle' animation and have another trigger when 'Idle to crouch' ends start the 'Crouch' animation.

    Is it because if the limits to trigger events ? or can it not do new animation

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  • I dont believe you can have to completely different animations in one event? That makes the conditions all jumbled up.

    Try spliting up the two events:

    On 'Crouch to idle' Animation Finished: play Idle
    On 'Idle to crouch' Animation Finished: play Crouch[/code:3rwku8kh]
    not sure if that is your error but this is the logical event method
  • Just a shot in the dark, but if your animation is set to "loop" it will never finish and the event will not be triggered.

    I use on animation end a lot, never had an issue with it, upload the capx.

  • thing is they are not on a loop and its really weird how my program is doing it but it works for what it need to do I was just tad curious to why it is acting up

    The only thing thats on a loop is the idle animation and the crouch to idle is not on a loop it just stops on the last frame not even going over to the next one oh well

  • Again without a capx there's not much I can do, try this basic capx see if it works for you, if it works here, it should work in your capx too. ... sp=sharing

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