How do I make my wedding amazeballs? (User Media question)

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  • Hello Constructababies,

    I require some assistance for my upcoming wedding.

    I've seen cool duders renting a photoboot to set up at their wedding party,

    but I would like to go even harder in the paint and put an arcade cabinet there

    with a custom game (and build-in camera).

    Don't worry, the hardware and game itself is no problemo, I've got that on lock.

    But I want to have a picture taken of the players at any endscreen.

    With the User Media plugin I can manage that, but I can not for the life of me

    find a way to automatically store the pictures locally without there being a pop-up

    asking where and with what name it should be saved.

    In short: after the game has taken a picture with the webcam

    I want it to automatically save it locally without any dialog screens.

    Is that possible? How?

    Help save this marriage, please!

    Thank you for helping (or at least reading),


  • It is a good idea for a wedding party!

    As I haven't mastered that part, only I wish you good luck and congratulations for the marriage. ^^

  • If you have internet acces, you could use this plugin to send (yourself) mails with the pictures attached:

  • Using this third-part behavior you could always turn the picture into a string, save that string locally using local storage and get all the strings/photos later (needing you to make sort of decoder as well and be aware that informations are only stored locally on a specific domain).

    It can be tricky be could do the job. Otherwise, yes, downloading the picture on the fly with the browser plugin will likely have a dialog popup each time.

    You could also ask the players to save the picture to a specific local hard drive location and "trust them", although there is always the possibility for human error indeed.

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  • Thanks @lukezero, @LittleStain and @Kyatric,

    but I'm shamefully fumbling with those strings and exotic third party behaviors.

    So after a lot of soulsearching, contemplating of maybe calling of the wedding

    and brainstorming with myself

    I think I've found an alternative workaround...

    In combination with a Chrome extension to automatically hide the download bar it will do the trick.

    But still: thank you to all who undertook this thinking exercise with me and had me in their prayers.


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