webstorage + level select + stars...and stuck!Help!

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  • i'm making an android game. But i have problems with the stars in the level select menu.

    I tried to recreate this example (levelselect6.capx below) with of course minor changes to make it suitable for my game:

    scirra. com/forum/ viewtopic.php?t=71811&start=0

    there are 2 problems

    1. For some reason it will show 3stars for every level at the beginning, instead of the locks. (stars are earned by destroying te red ball within a time limit. maybe this is the reason???)

    2. it will not show the button to go to the next world.

    Help would be great! Feel free to change it if you think you can get it fixed. If you no a better way to make a level select with webstoragen and stars I'm open for suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!

  • 1. You have to set the animation speed for Sprite9 to 0 so it stays on one frame instead of playing the whole animation.

    2. Event sheet 3 - Event 6 should be "currentWorld = numberOfWorlds - 1" NOT "currentWorld = currentWorld = numberOfWorlds - 1".

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  • THANK YOU!!!! How could i miss that

    I hoped you would answer. Your probably the best help on this forum.

    Yet again...Thank you!

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