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  • Hey there, I'm basing an objects frame number by an instance variable which I'm trying to input using webstorage.

    I can do this using a global variable with:


    However, if I try to do this using the instance variable, I get the following error:

    "You cannot set a string to the number variable - Use int() or float() around the expression to convert"

    I try this, and it tells me that it requires a string, and not an integer.

    Can someone tell me how to get around this, or why it isn't working? Is it a bug? The data that is stored in the webstorage is a number (ranging from 1-5) so I have no idea why it would be so different.

    HELP!!! I am sooo close to finishing my game! 523 events and counting.

  • WebStorage converts everything you put into it to a string, so to put stored values back into a numerical variable, you have to use the following format:

  • Ahh, but only for instance variables?

    Thanks GeometriX

    I was adding the int expression a lot earlier!

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  • Nope, it applies to all number variables.

    My pleasure :)

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