what is Webstorage Depriciation by Chrome

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  • I have heared about Webstorage Depriciation

    I want to know what it is


    if i use Webstorage in my game then what type of problem will come.

    Pls tell me

    Edited :

    or does it affect only browser games, which user will be play in Chrome browser

    or affect mobiles too

  • The r202 release notes cover the change in more detail.

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  • this make me so upset

    because i had taken approx one month to understand how to use webstorage

    and when i got it now i found that it is changed to local storage

    it seems different from webstorage

    i had read tutorials and questioned about local storage

    i get little about this i.e.

    on startup = find if "" exit

    if exit = get it

    if get it = set variable to ""

    if missing = set it

    i got this point

    even i had try to save my global variables and i am success to save my variables

    but now i did'nt getting point to save array in local storage

    someone said use array.asJSON

    i do this but i don't know how to load it at startup

    and i have try the same way of

    if get it then set it

    but it i fail to save my level selecting game using local storage but in webstorage its working fine

  • This change was made back in April, and made the next stable release in May. Since then WebStorage has been hidden by default in favour of Local Storage. You should follow the release notes and stay up to date with the latest version of C2 to avoid wasting time learning to use deprecated features; we announced and documented all of these changes.

  • yes its totally my fault because i was using a older version 200 from a long time and when i stuck on exporting, which not worked in mobile, then someone suggest me to update then i update and found i was stupid.

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