How do I Webstorage and Cooconjs

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  • HI

    My app does not compile in cooconjs and not sure if because of this : "The WebStorage plugin's session storage is not available. Use local storage or global variables instead."

    Does it mean I can not use webstorage plugin if using cooconjs ?


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  • Does it work if you don't use session storage? I use WebStorage with CocoonJS and it works for me (although I only use local storage and not session storage).

  • Thanks Shane

    I've done many trials and finally I can compile my game. I do not have any conclusion why I could not. Some posts are talking about changing browser .... The fact is that I changed a lot of things and I compile now, but defiitely not an issue with webstorage.

    What I've just discovered is that my game only works if I compile with Canvas+, and not using webview , but this is another issue ! . I'll keep investingating this.


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