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  • I have build 212.2 which is upgraded from the one I had previously, yet, I can't find the webStorage.

    According to all the tutorials and such I see online, it shows that WebStorage should be located next to LocalStorage, butI don't see it.

    Am I missing something?

  • WebStorage has been deprecated in favor of LocalStorage and can no longer be added to new projects. All new projects should use the LocalStorage plugin.

  • Hmm, then that makes doing this tutorial a bit difficult, i'm not sure if i'm using the script correctly then.

    Guess i'll have to try it out see if i can figure it out. I'm on the last part of this tutorial:But he is using webstorage, anyone know a workaround to this using local or should I hunt through the tutorials instead?

  • looks like i can't post urls :/

    well the tutorial name is Construct 2 Trivia App Part 4 (Final Features)

  • I looked at the tutorial, and it should be fairly simple to adapt to LocalStorage. If you look at the manual entry for LocalStorage, they suggest using a dictionary -- where you can also set/get values with keys -- to create a system similar to WebStorage. That manual entry also gives basic instructions on how to use LocalStorage, so I definitely suggest checking it out.

  • Thanks for the assist Linkman, I used the dictionary and it seemed to work well.

    Now my last two tasks are:

    1. Send the results of the quiz (the score) to an outside source such as an email address, or maybe a database (which ever is possible and easier)

    2. Make it so the questions do not repeat themselves.

    I've been looking through the tutorials and forum posts, problem is I see tutorials on how to create random numbers with no duplicates, but with my project I'll be generating questions from a text file. So the things i've tried haven't worked.

    I was thinking I could add an entry in the dictionary perhaps to mark a question as being asked, but I don't know how well that will work if I have like 50+ questions.

    Any suggestions on either of these?

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  • all you do I think is click right mouse button is insert objects. This should bring up all other which are not shown

  • fingaz1 Can you share the modified capx after using the localstorage instead of webstorage? Or maybe, give some details on how you changed it. Thanks in advance!

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