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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm using the Pixellate effect in my game during a boss battle to emulate the "super nintendo pixellate effect". When the enemy has a hit, he turns his pixel value goes from 1 to 8 to 16 and goes back from 16 to 8 to 1. It runs very well on browser, but when I export the project the enemy is always pixellated, even using the value 1 when he was not hit. Is it a probem with WebGL on EXE files? Is there anyway to solve it?

    By the way. What is "Parameter Index" in the effect box? What is it for?

    Thank you

  • Firstly, if you select the sprite with the pixellate effect, you'll notice the default parameters in the properties panel. Some effects have more than one parameter, so when you go to set one in an action, you may have to change the parameter index, i.e. 0,1,2,3...

    Otherwise, I've never exported to an exe, so I can't answer the main question effectively, my apologies.

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  • Looks like it's a new issue because nobody replied so far. Even to give some suggestions how to try to fix it.

  • Well. I guess there are no way to fix it. At least nobody had any idea so far. :) I made something different that had the same effect and it's working without the WebGL.

    By the way, it's important to look over it, because probably there are more people with the same issue or maybe with something like this.

  • Pixellate works perfectly for me in Node-Webkit. Maybe it's your video card drivers?

  • No, it's not. I have the newest drive and I have the same problem on other computers.

  • Could you post the capx that you're having trouble with, or a sample? I'll export it on this side and see if I get the same issue.

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