Some WebGL effects missing in runtime preview as of r190

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  • Hi all, :)

    After updating Construct 2 to r190, several of my projects no longer show certain WebGL effects during runtime preview.

    I haven't investigated this very much yet, but so far this seems to occur in situations where I'm using an empty layer with an effect to post-process the underlying scene.

    It seems like, as of r190, a layer with an effect applied to it won't render unless there is also an object on that layer.

    Is that maybe what's going on?

    If so, it's not necessarily a problem. I'm just trying to figure out what I need to do to get everything back to the way it looked pre-r190.

    So far, I'm just putting an invisible stub object on every post-process layer to make sure it renders.

  • Sounds a lot like it might have something to do with a performance improvement introduced in r187:

    [quote:18be914c]The renderer now experimentally skips rendering layers with zero instances on them, which could save GPU fill rate processing screen-sized transparent textures if they use a shader, blend mode or own texture.

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  • Awesome thanks :)

    I figured it might be some kind of optimization.

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