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  • I have been using my laptop for a while for C2 coding, but it got wrecked and I transferred to my old desktop (for now). WebGL seems to not work. I tried updating my graphics driver and also installed dxwebsetup (from microsoft website).

    A quick search shows that I have WebGL according to see a spinning cube here?


    What exactly makes WebGL work? Please explain to me what I need to make this work (in non-technical terms).

    Uhm, if I may add, I am talking about preview on browser. WebGL effects doesn't work on preview, so I'm pretty sure they also won't if I do try exporting.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Anyone help please?

  • what effects are you tring to use. and have you tried running in a different browser or runn your project in debug preview to see if it says it's running in webgl ?also have you check your project settings?

  • volkiller730

    I thought it was my old file with problem. But now I started a blank new game, inserted a sprite object and added inverse effect (just for testing) and run preview in Firefox:

    In Firefox testing:

    These dialog messages appeared:

    [quote:1p1b4dpn]Assertion failure: Error linking shader program: Failed to create D3D shaders.

    Stack trace:








    Subsequent failures will now be logged to the console.

    I clicked ok on that one (above) and this one (below) appeared

    [quote:1p1b4dpn]Javascript error!

    TypeError: s is null

    http://localhost:50000/glwrap.js, line 550 (col 3)

    This may be a bug in Construct 2 or a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer following the bug report guidelines. Subsequent errors will be logged to the console.

    I clicked OK again and message disappears.

    The preview is literally blank. It's not showing anything from the layout in C2.

    In Chrome testing:

    The sprite appears in preview but without the webgl effects. No dialog messages appeared.

    In C2 Layout view:

    The sprite with webgl effects is not showing the webgl effects on Layout view.

    Tried changing/adding effects, all 3 programs show the same symptoms as described above.

  • Was earlier testing in version 198

    Uninstalled 198 and installed 195 and restarted computer. Still the same problems persist.

    I'm really clueless on this as I'm not really knowledgeable about webgl in the first place. I guess it's my computer and not C2 with the problem?

  • It's basically your graphics card/its drivers - if you have the latest drivers and problems persist then your hardware just doesn't cut it.

  • "failed to create D3D shaders" is evidence of a driver bug I think. So double-check you have the latest drivers direct from your graphics card vendor.

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