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  • I followed the webfont tutorial and got the font to appear in my game when I ran the preview. When I exported the project and uploaded it, I found that when I loaded the game I experienced the font that I had chosen. However, it appears that everyone else isn't seeing the font that I have selected and hosted.

    What did I do wrong?

  • without seeing how you implemented it, its hard to say, can you show the capx

  • Which browsers are you using? Can you share your game link so we can investigate ourselves?

  • Actually, I think I figured it out. I had not put my .woff and css into the public dropbox folder XD

    EDIT: No it's not apparently. I'm using Chrome. I have the font installed on my computer. I followed the tutorial that's on this website. I don't think that posting a capx will really do much good, as this is something that works perfectly on my own pc and not on the computers of others.

    EDIT AGAIN: Apparently I wasn't patient enough. It's fixed.

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  • you normally dont need to install the font, it gets the font by url, should be in the tutorial? what maybe happened is that you installed the font and forgot to reference the url, so it would only work locally, anyway good you found the solution

  • put the url path to the font in double quotes NOT single! That fixed mine in chrome

  • I figured something else out with webfonts. They are far more likely to work consistently if you keep them out of the 'on start' condition and leave them in the main

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