How do I Web Host an IOS with Wordpress

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  • Hello.

    I made an app that I intend to use for personal reasons only. and want to put it on my Iphone.

    I looked at the IOS web Hosting Tutorial, But it is giving me a headache. I must admit I don't really understand web hosting an App. I tried to upload the exported project to WordPress (hosted on Hostgator) But it does not upload all the files. the only time it ever worked was when dropbox did it...

    I don't really care to publish it. As stated I made it for myself, And I just want to get it on my own phone one way or another.

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Don't use Wordpress. That is a monolithic software piece of doom.

    What you need is an Apache webserver (on your computer).

    Put your exported html/etc files into htdocs.

    Then go to http://{ip-of-your-computer-on-your-lan}/

    and it will work.

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