Web GL issue? Effects no longer render in Chrome?

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  • Hi guys, apologies in advance if this is in the wrong area or has come up before but I couldn't find it with 'search' and I'm sure it's not a bug with Construct 2 itself. So...

    I've had C2 for a month or so now and been working through tutorials and my own exploration - all fantastic stuff.

    One project I'd saved and came back to today was an overhead asteroid kinda deal. It was made following the Asteroid in less than 100 events or whatever it's called. I kind of got lost towards the whole UID deal but cobbled together something decent.

    Anyhoo, my thruster animations had the horizontal and vertical blur applied.

    When I was first making the project these effects didn't show up in FF or IE but would render in Chrome as displayed in C2.

    Now some time has passed and through other tutorials and tinkering I've gained a bit more confidence with the UIDs I came back to this project but the effects no longer render in Chrome on the machine I'm working on.

    I've checked it on other machines with varying results [all others render the effect in chrome but some don't play the audio?] and I've created a simple project on this machine - just a sprite with a glow and still no rendering it Chrome?

    I'm pretty sure this isn't a bug or indeed anything to do with C2. I've checked my version of Chrome on this machine is up to date and also checked it does indeed render out Web GL effects from other sources.

    So... Any ideas? Do I just write this off as some kind of corrupt browser thing on this particular machine? Or just some glitch and test on multiple machines or is there some kind of tangible reason for this?

    Not really expecting much of a response but it is bugging me so please feel free to try and shed some light.

    Cheers, Sho.

  • If you are using XP or vista: chrome disabled the hardware acceleration for both of these OS, so no WebGL, so no effect (even worse, no hardware acceleration at all, which is really bad :/)

    you can, I think, re enable it through chrome://flags and set the ignoring gpu blacklist (it will skip the blacklist)

    However if it is indeed that you are using XP, the issue is up to chrome.

  • Ah - that'll be it.

    Running Vista on said machine.

    So it's just a case of them nerfing it.

    Well at least it's not a weird glitch and best of all - I didn't cause it.

    Thanks for the info. Search results where throwing up to many unrelated results.

    Cheers, Sho.

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  • Erm?

    Just occurred to me that if that was the reason wouldn't it mean I wouldn't be able to see any Web GL effects?

    As mentioned in the first post I've successfully viewed Web GL being rendered from other sources in the browser.

    Head scratching begins again.

  • If you're on XP or vista it uses swiftshader which is software emulation for webgl, but it's not perfect, and sometimes the effects don't work correctly.

  • Ok Arima - thanks, tried it on a few different machines/browser versions and it's the same results. They render out the webgl test pages as you would expect but the effects from C2 won't work unless it's an up to date version of browser and OS.

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