Web Font / Text Obj: Multi-Language Support [resolved]

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  • I'm stuck!

    Is it possible to change a text object's web font Script during runtime? For example - if I wish to change the language of my game to Russian, how can I change the script from Latin to Cyrillic?


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  • as this is html 5 if you understand coding you could add support for it in the index.html I think I have seen people who have used google translate in their games. But not quite sure how to do it myself.

  • I'm not even sure what limitations I'm up against. :/

    For example, I've found a font that supports Cyrillic and Latin. However, when I view the ttf, even though I can only see Latin characters in the window, I can set Cyrillic inside c2 directly.

    So, my first confusion is that I don't appear to be able to inspect the Cyrillic inside the ttf file.

    Then, when I install the same font as a web font in c2, the Cyrillic characters transform to the system default font. I've no idea if this is a limitation, bug, or something that just could be sorted by a css input.

    As part of the text object font setting there's a drop down list of supported scripts. I thought that these could be automatically selected according to the Unicode character being input, but this doesn't seem to be the case....

  • Here are a couple of examples... The font is Stalinist One.

    The above shows the font being correctly displayed in the editor

    The above shows the font running in chrome - the Russian letters fail to be drawn correctly. This happens if I just run the layout with the font selected in the text object (it's loaded on my system) or if I run the layout and load the text as a web font.

    Anyone any ideas? Am I missing something hugely obvious?

  • Is this a bug?

  • OK, so I checked out a good tutorial here that uses .xml and .json files to load the new font data. I suspect my problem is something to do with the use of .csv somehow because I've tested my 'problem' fonts and they work ok in the tutorial examples.

    Edit - in case anyone needs this info. I did a lot of experimenting and found that you have to use the fontsquirrel Basic export option.

  • Thanks, Colludium !

    I'm so glad I found this post, it saved me hours of work converting all text objects to spritefonts!

    Can confirm, "Basic" option fixes the problem with Cyrillic characters.

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