Web app suddenly not loading on iPad...

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  • Another day, another question.

    My wife has been using my Flashcard app on her iPad (3rd generation). It has been working fine.

    This afternoon she went to use it again but it's no longer loading for her. When she follows the link she instantly gets a black screen with the Scirra loading bar, and then... nothing. The bar never loads and it just sits there forever. It was working fine this morning so I'm very confused. I tried to load the app in Private Mode but the same thing happened. Then I uploaded a new version but that had no effect either.

    The app loads fine on my laptop, my work laptop, my iPad Pro, my iPhone... So I'm confused. Has anyone seen this before?

    I suspect the app would load if I cleared her cache/history, but I also suspect she would kill me in my sleep.

  • A quick followup question: Does anyone know what Construct 2 is doing when an app starts to update? In my case, the C2 loading bar almost instantly appears, but it never starts to load. The app just hangs right there.

    Is it just loading C2-specific files, or is it already trying to load assets? (I'm pretty sure it's the former, I just can't figure out why this was working before and now it's not.)


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  • I am aware that a lot software updates on apple devices cripple other software built to run on them, so it may be something on Apples end.

    It may be a wait and see scenario which is of course very annoying.

    Good Luck to you and your wife

  • Thanks, Landermere. Today at lunch I figured out a way to clear the cache for ONLY my site. As I expected, the app loaded again and everything was working great.

    But she just texted me and it's broken again. So I don't think the issue is an update from Apple. I wish there was an error message or console that could tell me what is going on. I'll do some research on that tonight...

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