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  • I'm really new to Construct, it's my first project with it and for the tutorials I've made its really powerful...

    Maybe it's early to put here my question since I'm still cropping art for the game but i really start seeing troubles ahead so answers and tips will be welcome.

    In this game the player will be watering plants on a moving garden and he/she controls the hose direction and strength (using a accelerometer or thumbstick)

    This is the desired objective, maybe I will use particles to generate the water spray and try to control it, not sure how I will bend the particle line so it looks more like 3d or how to detect/discover the end point for the collision.

    Thank you


    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7017640/example-mechanic.jpg" border="0" />

  • i think you can do this with particles

  • Thank you Zsangerous, I too think it's the way...

    I've already built the particle system but now I'm trying to build a thumb stick to control it

    I just need to vary the speed of the particle, angle and gravity (to bend it a bit) with the thumbstick :-) not sure how to do it but I'm getting there one step at a time.

    Still not sure how will i create the collision target.



  • Today I will start trying to detect collisions.

    I used Kyatric example to make a thumstick and affected the angle and power of the water when moving the Stick.

    I think that when a particle is destroyed

    1. I would generate a dummy object on that position

    2. check for collisions

       2.1 if collided or overlapped with the plant add points to the plant

       2.2 not colliding do nothing

    3. destroy the dummy object

    It might work if I know where the particle is destroyed..

    I think yesterday I saw some property on the particles for that.

  • OK I'm Officially Stuck, for what I've read on the forums i probably have to create my own particle sprite system.

  • You can, also, use a mix of Sine and random variables to make your own particle system.

    Watch this code (it's not mine, but I don't remember where it from...)


  • Yes, I would recommend creating your own particle system with Sprite.

    It's pretty simple, and checking collisions will be easy. You will also have more control over gravity, etc.

    Read up on vectors!

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  • Thanks TELLES0808 and Sqiddster

    I did a simple particle system yesterday using the bullet behavior, it looks and works very nicely.

    I probably going to make a tutorial with it.

    Now I'm on the scenario creation and tweaking gameplay...

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