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  • hi friends,

    i have a doubt on i have a object by droping an object in water , that has to stay on the water like as object as an water stay.but for me it is falling down . here i'm adding my link , can any one help me please

  • Hello !

    Don't create a new subject for the same thing that your last one here : scirra.com/forum/water-effect-problem_topic70303.html

    As you didn't get any response, nor linked any capx, I'll try to help you as much as I can here.

    If you want your object to stick to the surface of the water when it hits water, just translate my last phrase in C2 :

    Object On collision with Water -> Pin Object to water (position & angle)

    You will have to add a "Pin behavior" on your object to do this.

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  • If you want realistic bobbing, just give the object the physics behavior and apply a force upwards whenever it's in the water.

  • hi guizmus,sqiddster.


        sorry for re-posting the task,next tym i won't repeat it.coming to topic.first of all thanks for both of you guys. the pin object is working fine and it sticking with object ok.but the problem is the object is not getting realisic effect in water,and the object is not floation on the water .how to float the object on the water. can you help me please.here is my link what i have did,is there any changes please correct me.


  • I found this example on the forum:


  • HI guys , ihave a small doubt.

       In my project one object is falling on water, after falling the object in the water,the object is rotating veru fast in the water,but i need slow for motion for water dropped object is there any process for slow motion rotation. can any one help me please

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