How do I make water flow with platform behavior

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  • I'm working on a game with some dynamic water, you can melt ice to make it flow, you can freeze the water, you can soak it up with a sponge.. you can set up platforms to get it to flow where you want.

    I don't want to use physics and I want to keep it as simple as possible so I started experimenting with using the platform behavior.

    I wonder how some of you might go about this?

    I haven't worked too hard on it yet, just trying to get some ideas from you kind folks.

    Check the capx to see what I got so far.. It's got a pretty nice flow to it, but goes a bit fast...


  • will this do?

  • Well, I was more hoping just to get some more ideas on how to approach the situation. As usual, after a night of sleep, I've got a million more ways in my head to try out already, heh.

    I'm not so worried about it falling slower (still looks a bit weird falling that slow and then filling up so fast with the spawns) or having a prettier graphic.. I'll get to tweaking all that stuff, eventually... Thanks, though!

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  • There are many ways you could do that. You could use Physic as well

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