How do I get Water effect to scale?

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  • Hello;

    I am using the water effect on blue sphere bubble to make it wave like water. Its fine until I scale my layer. The effect doesn't scale it now wiggles my bubble all over not just the edge a little.

    I have to scale by layer (to keep my distant background distant) not the whole layout. Is there a way to get it to scale (aside from trying to tweek each Water Parameter to make it wiggle less with less speed and magnitude)? Is there something I can do in Blend Mode perhaps?

    thanks for your time



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  • Could you post an example?

    My guess is it would be possible to base the water parameters based on the scale of the layer with one simple event/action..

  • Thanks for the response Little Stain.

    I can reduce X speed and Y speed with size as well as emboss with scaling to make it work. However, note that X speed for the effect is not in pixels (obviously or else it would scale). I can see why you might not want to tie an effect to pixel size.

    I was just hoping there was some flag I was missing.

    thanks for your time.



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