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  • Hey there friends,

    I´m currently working on a prototype for a template game on the Scirra Store. It should be a micro-machine like, jetski wave race pool game

    If that sounds weird, just have a look at the picture I attached.

    Making these Photoshop assets, lead me into some questions about a cool look.

    Well what I would like to ask is how do I make the best looking water effect for this? This wavy surface is a seperate layer and I guess it just needs a little distortion to look good, when it´s not moved...

    this leads me to my next question How do I make some kind of dynamic waves of objects that move through it? Is this even possible with a WebGL Shader or C2 effect?

    Just have a look here, if you don´t know what I mean


    I would love to see some tips for this Thanks for the upcoming help and take it beaverlicious!

  • Very roughly something like this might work - but, of course, it would also need splashes (even better if the work based off-off the boat's speed - more speed = bigger splashes, less speed - small to no splashes.

  • Thanks man Really looking forward to see your solution.

    Unfortunately I have to wait til Monday, cause I don´t have C2 access cause of Macintosh-only-weekend at my parents

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  • Somebody

    This looks really great I like it, thank you!

    Is there some kind of morphing for the whole water surface? Just a tiny little movement to make it look like water? (Sry if this is a stupid question but I never really used C2 to make any effects. Most of the time I just exported stuff like this from other programs )

  • Well, if we already have the water layer we could just spawn some random things there to distort the water in addition to the "waves" from the boat. Or you could look into the other distortion effects - there's one called water there as well. It has some weird parameters, but could make something look more watery.

    Of course - the more shaders in use, the higher the performance demands will be. But if it's desktop then that's a lesser concern.

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