water bobbing cheat technique.

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  • I have a frog, when he falls into the water I want him to float back to the top and bob about until the player jumps back out.

    I can't find anything similar to this apart from someone who wrote 'use an invisible solid object to spring back and simulate a bobbing effect'. I tried that but after I make it solid and apply physics it obviously just drops.

    Then I add a solid block both above and below the invisible 'platform' to prevent the platform from dropping too far then I think it would be a good idea to apply a constant force to the platform, pushing it upwards against the upper block.

    In theory we would have the platform sink when the player lands on it, hit the bottom limit at which point the momentum of the fall is lost and the upwards force applied pushes the player back to the surface until the platform hits the upper limit.

    What actually happens is the platform drops and hits the lower limit, stopping dead. If I increase the upwards force then the frog fails to impart any force upon landing. AND no matter how much force I apply upwards it only gets about halfway up to the upper limit!

    I am surprised - this system has joints and the like but it doesn't have a spring? From what I can see anyway, I may have totally missed it. I hope so as I thought this would be a very simple thing to set up!

    Thanks for reading and any advice would be appreciated.

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