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  • A brief idea for the game. If you are a fan of warcraft Shipyard where there was no gameplay at all. Well I want to create something like what World of warship did. I know its basically a Car plug in on water.

    I am currently stuck on the enemy warship I can make it fire to me that done. Now its the path finding or moving toward me you know turning around and keeping distance.

    Atm I would like the enemy warship to Pathfind to an object and move to ward it because every (5) sec I am moving that object to a different spot on the map to sort of give it a intelligence behavior to move on its own.

    But I cannot figure out how to get it to move toward it It just sit there am i missing a particular event ? And How does one make it when it discover you it. It start to move and keep distance and flee when its low on health. And what about keeping up with chase even if you run around the rock let say keep myself in line of sight for an extra 4 sec ?

    Ok so I figure that it had to be bullet inorder for it to happen. I have a new problem because of ship arent square. It get stuck in every corner or the map Is there any way to make it not get stuck or have it unstuck itself ?

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