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  • For my first project, which is coming to a close I hope, I've settled on PhoneGap for deployment. Works fine for me and deploys easily. Seems each exporter has different limitations which can be a pain of course.

    PhoenGap cannot use the GameCenter plugin when using the BUILD tool online, which I am. So I'm leaving that out for now, unless the other Achievements tool (third party) works with PhoneGap... have to check.

    In PG, the browser plug-in does not want to link to my site. Is there a way to shell to a browser and bring up a webpage via other means?

    Also, is it possible to write XML files? I know I can read them, but I'd like to be able to update them as well in the app. In relation to this, what's the best way to save/read a preferences/options file? I was going to use XML, but if I cannot write that out, it's no good.


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  • You can write the XML to a file manually just like you would save anything to a file. You ofc just have to make sure as you write it that you follow the syntax for writing XML, so you can load it again

    I believe you can write the xml file with the Webstorage functionality

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