Wall Jump temperamental?

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  • I've created a wall jump mechanic whereby when a variable is a certain value, the character is a certain offset from a wall and the up key is pressed, the character will move by a certain vector. In theory this seems to work, and even in practice it works the way I want, however the problem is that it doesn't always work. Sometimes the character will just slide down the wall, even when the up key is mashed. I even created a value check text to make sure the variable was the correct value.

    What could be going wrong? I can't see any logical reason why this would be happening. I've provided a download link to the file below.

    All help appreciated!

    capx: megafileupload [DOT] com/5scd/wallJump.capx


    Nevermind, I solved it. Turns out the problem was that the 'is jumping' condition meant that if the character was falling, it wouldn't trigger the condition.

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  • Glad you solved it...

    Although there is a plugin (Platform+) that has a built in wall jump feature...

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