Walking Animation Stopped working on Jump-Through Platform

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  • It is really strange, but I have two platforms. A solid one on the bottom and a Jump-Through on the top.

    The Walking Animation works just fine on the solid platform, but when I jump to the Jump-Through, the animation will often stop working.

    Debugging it shows the player Current Animation: Walking and the Animation Mode: moving, then it switches to Idle animation, but the player still glides forward while the Animation Mode still registers moving. I will press the jump button or another button and it sometimes will correct itself, but not usually.

    This only happens on the Jump_Through platform. Any suggestions?

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  • Jump-thru platforms in Construct are buggy.. You can try adding some additional checks - for example, if the player is overlapping a jump-thru platform at offset (y:1), and Player.Platform.VectorX<>0 , then set set animation to "Walk".

  • Thanks. I switched the jump-through behavior to Solid behavior. I disabled the solid platform if players Y is less than the platform and if enable it back once I jump above it so I can land on it. If I jump up I disable collision for a bit to fall through. Best of all, the player’s walking animation so far has been working.

    Thanks again

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