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  • Hi, I'm new in GameDev also on Construct.

    I read some tutorials and start to do random things just to learn.

    Offcourse, as a dreamer I want to make a RPG, but a I know is hard and we all need babysteps first.

    So, now, I want just to learn things.

    I've followed one of top rateds tutorial of walk animation and following that i've make my own one.

    But, i've a little problem and want to fix it.

    When I hit the any arrowkey too fast the animation doenst work.

    I want to force by code or event, if I hit (dont press) some of arrowkey he make the animation one time.






    Sorry for my English.

    Thanks for read till here.

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  • The first frame of your walking animations -- Up, Down, Right, Left -- are the same as your standing animation.

    Move the first frame of each to the end of the animation; that way the animation starts with your character extending his legs instead of with him in mid stride (same image as when he's standing still).

    Cheers, T

  • Your character looks like he is sliding along the ground too. Increasing the animation speed will fix it.

  • Thanks for advice it worked well.

    Fixed the "sliding effect" setting acceleration = deceleration.

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