Walk on uneven platform?

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  • Hi, friends,

    I cannot find any solution for my situation. Here is my game:


    (Click enter). I have Mr. Twig here and I want him to walk on that black hill, which is not straight.

    I don't need him to jump, just walk right or left on that side, where I click with my mouse.

    And I want his steps to copy the surface.

    Is there any solution for that at all? Or it's just not possible with Construct 2?

    Thank you, guys, a lot for your answers, I'm newbie here!

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  • You can add Platform behavior to your character, Platform can walk on uneven surface.

    But if you try to make collision polygon on your ground to copy all those little bumps and drops, the collision polygon will be too complex and could affect performance.

    So one way to do this is to build the surface with simple invisible sprites, roughly replicating the terrain. Your character will actually be walking on these sprites, but it will look like it's walking on the ground.

    Another option is to use an invisible tilemap, but it's quite advanced. See this post:

  • Thank you, DOP!

    I've tried both (collision points & invisible sprites) and it works fine.

    I have 32 points and I see no performance affect...

    Thanks a lot!

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