How to make a walk-through tutorial ?

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  • Hey guys,

    There must be some topic related to this but I couldn't find it :/ ..

    I need to make walk-through tutorial in my game like facebook games ( farmville , Sims) ...

    I want my user to follow some initial instructions : for example "go to "B" and do some work " after user reaches area "B" and performs the task.. another instruction will be displayed .. there will be 3-4 instructions to help the user adjust with the game.

    can anyone help and provide the capx ?

  • The way I done it for my platformer was, at the beginning the character toggles a text bubble telling the player the controls for movement, and then as the player continues, at the edge of the platform the player toggles another text bubble telling him/her the jump button. etc.

    If your game is farmville like, I guess what you could do is the same way I done it as in using toggle chat bubbles but it would only activate once.

    For example; Player clicks first building for first time *pops up chat bubble telling him next stage* and then player clicks second building for first time *pops up chat bubble telling him next stage* etc.

  • i think you can do this with a group inside the eventsheet and when you done the from it just deactivate that group. or use toggle active...

  • Noob here :/ ..

    what you mean by toggle active ?

    What I am thinking is similar to CMR333 .. thinking to create invisible sensor spots and when player overlaps it.. I will show my message and then destroy that object ...

    a capx would help :( ..

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  • The other problem I am having is that my background music is not repeating. Though I have set it on Loop but still it stops after 1 cycle.

  • taabi

    something like this , you can use fade if you want.

    as i know from translate toggle active mean do with a row for example i have 10 messages so it will appear 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 like this and then start over but you can destroy them...

    maybe if you put some messages in .capx we can edit it and show you.

    some people and most , put a collision sprite with variable (with same number of the messages) and make sprite object with all the messages (in frames) so

    if player collide with collision sprite

    ==> message sprite will spawn with with frame = collision variable.


    Have a look ... If you can do something that would be great..

    and I think I got an idea as well.. thanks ..

  • taabi

    i saw many bug, i know you still working in it anyway here is capx...

    see what i have did , there is sprite object called : showhelp , and the help object so when you edit the animation you will see some frames each frame is a help so the idea to make it work just put showhelp with the same variable that showhelp frame you want, i made frame 0,1 ... also you can make it hidden from properties make opacity to 0

  • Thanks..this will work :) ..

    Please tell me the bugs .. as this is my first time making a game on construct .. if you point some bugs that would really help..

  • ok i got it. I pinned the help box to the top bar.

    Thanks again everyone..

    I am having some sound issues also, I will open another topic for that :)

  • taabi ,the bugs i found is in the ladder it do weirds actions , maybe this will help you

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