Walk animation not looping

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  • I'm testing out my side-scrolling game.

    If you take a look at Stage 1, he moves just fine. Walk animation loops when you hold down the LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW keys.

    Then on Stage 2, he doesn't. The character does the animation once, and stops. The character's animations are set to loop as well.

    I used the same exact event sheet, only copied. I went into the Event Sheets folder, copied Stage1.xml, renamed it Stage2.xml. (Did some editing in notepad to fix the name)


    Any help?

  • goo.gl/hqtTC

    I've added a link to the playable game. Stage 1 - fine. Stage 2, dragging feet.

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  • i may be wrong, but animations work for both stages for me (I'm too lazy to go through stage 1 so i just started preview from stage 2 and it seems to work). although, why don't you just use includes for the events and save yourself a whole lot of trouble?

    edit: i was wrong <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    but the bug is on and off, sometimes the animation works, sometimes it doesnt. i think it may have to do with jumping...

  • I just learned about the include method. I'll use it for the next stage.

    Also I sort of figured it out why the animation stops, but still can't solve it. I disabled the 'Platform on landed', and the animation works correctly when walking. But if you jump, it stays in a jump animation when you land.


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