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  • Yes, I know I ask a lot of questions here, but that's mainly because I'm an idiot.

    Anyways, I'm trying to make an intro cutscene that types out text. The thing is, I want it to add to a counter variable when it's finished typing a string.

    "Texte" is the variable that I'm using for the strings that appear on-screen. I've tried various different ways to get it to try and get the cutscene controller to start for the end of a line, but I've had no luck. Instead, the counter increases no matter what, leading to the text changing very awkwardly and inconsistently.

    "Wait" is the variable that's supposed to create a delay between the different lines of text that are printed.

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  • try wait for signal/signal action that could be the key for dialogue and cutscene. What neat about it is that It act as signal for when to fire that action. Could be what you are looking for and you can add timer as well to make it more slow pace such as when the dialogue part has been finish typing start timer of liek 2 sec and then when timer end Signal the next action.

    I use it alot just for shit like these.

  • Never mind, I fixed the issue. I had an event that I forgot about making the counter go up earlier in the event chain.

    Lock the thread.

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