How do I wait for sprite to stop

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  • Guys does anybody know how will i wait for some sprite to stop until I can have can another go.

    Example... In my game when i shoot the ball i can shoot it again mid-air. How do i make it so I'll have to wait for it to stop and only then shoot again. Thx for your help

  • you can add a condition to not let the player shoot again until the current bullet/ball is destroyed....

  • Yea but it's kinda of pick it up where the ball has fallen type of thing.

    Imagine it like golf and you are getting near the hole and you want to shoot from that position instead of from the starting one.

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  • To whom it may concern I've found it out.

    Basically all you have to do is put additional condition until it stops (Physics.Overall_Velocity =< 0 is what I've was trying to found) and is not getting any kind of input (i.e. Is not in Touch).

    With these two you are set to wait until your sprite is standing still.

    Hopefully this helped everyone and thanks to everyone who read it and tried to help

    Have a great day guys and keep on creating !!!

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