How do I Use the Wait For Signal Action For Text

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  • So, in my game, I use the Wait For Signal action, with the corresponding action being "x" signaled by the pressing of X on the keyboard. I have it set up so when you are overlapping something and you press x (not as a signal), player input is ignored and a text and text box is set to be visible. Then, it is set to Wait for Signal "x", then it sets the text to something else. The issue is that after x is pressed the final time (and the player gets input back, the text and text box turns invisible), and you once again overlap the object and press x, then it doesn't restart. The text and text box do not turn visible, and the text does not get set to its original text.

    What is happening and how can I fix it?

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  • Could you share the capx? It's hard to understand your problem without it.

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