Can you use the wait event for a action?

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  • I am trying to have it so a action happens after a number of seconds. But you are supposed to delay the events by a couple of seconds by clicking on a certain object. The farthest i got in this is the wait action. The PROBLEM is that it only can delay actions placed after it. Not events. The X seconds, the event that makes the action happen is a event and not a action. Can you somehow affect a event using the wait action?

    I have tried whit adding the x seconds timer as a sub event after the wait action. The problem whit that is that the x second timed event never occurs no matter how long you wait even if you don't delay it. Please give me straigth answer and try to not send me to a tutorial since it probably can't help me or i can't understand it.

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  • Placing sub events after the Wait will delay them. It's better to use a Timer. Add the timer behaviour to a sprite, and set the timer when needed. You have better control over Timers.

    Edit: don't make multiple threads for the same issue. I just saw your other one. You can stop and start a timer, so you can reset the period as you want.

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