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  • so all my code work good

    How do I slow down the events so that i can check on the picking of instance because I am using Target set position to make sure that each sprite is doing its job correctly but the problem I have is that contruct is going too fast for my eyes to keep up.

    It feels like the Event bus is moving at lightspeed.....i cant see the events running at that fast even with debug

    I tried using various wait command and place em at the end but problem is its breaking all the rules and causing so much headaces

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  • Could you set the timescale down?

  • Like IamHarlow suggested, put a timescale=25 debug line in your on-start and see if that slows it down enough for you to see.

    The problem is event sheets fire off at 60 times a second, you can slow this down by using every-x-seconds instead of every-tick and something like 0.1 seconds (fast but not blindingly fast) in your constantly running events

  • Umm I tried to do what you guys suggested but It seem like one event Is firing too fast even with timescale down to .01 I cant debug or see if it working or not because according to my logic it isnt working but i cant see what it is not working and where i can improve.

    Imma try to create an invisible sprite animation and use on finished command to see if i can slow it down

  • I think what it sounds like you are looking for is "Step."


    Set a break point, and press "step" to advance frame by frame. You will see the Events highlighted as they are executing.

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