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  • I would like to know how to start game with delay, I run preview and it starts imediatelly. Can i delay the start say 3 seconds

  • You'll need to make a Loader layout. Make a blank layout for the moment, and place it above all layouts, naming it Loader. That makes sure it loads first. Then in your project properties (click off any object and you can access it on the left of your screen), set Use loader layout to Yes. Once that's set to be used, set the following events for it's Event sheet:

    System -> On loader layout complete

    ---- System -> Wait 2 seconds

    ---- System -> Go to layout

    Select the next layout which contains your game, and boom, game loads!

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  • Thank you sir. very useful in many ways.

  • No problem, . Yeah it's handy, rather than waiting two seconds, you can remove that check to use the Loader layout as your menu screen. Then when they click a Play button, kick off the transfer to the new layout. You can also use normal layouts similarly at points in the game if you wanted, for example, to give the effect that the player fainted, and fade the layout away as it loads a layer of pure black, then transfers the layout to the player being in a hospital.

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