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  • Hi Guys,

    Does any one know how to let the Platform player to wait for some time (0.3 seconds) before the jump action which is kind of built in and I don't have access to ?


    Haroon Shishani

  • When pressing [Button] -> wait 0.3 seconds -> Platform simulate [Jump]

    The wait is in System category's actions.

    EDIT: Do you mean you can't access the jump action? If so, you need to add Platform behavior for your object. The jumping action is in Platform -> Simulate action.

  • Hi Hasuak,

    thanks for replying to me.

    actually i added the platform behavior to the object.

    and when i press UP key, the object jumps fine, but i want to add some animation to the object to prepare the object (Person) for jumping.

    but this animation is taking effect in the fly.

    So what I thought of was, to give it some time to wait before jumping, so in this wait time the (Preparation to Jump) animation simulate the object as it's really jumping.

    I tried to add wait action on (Key Up is down) event, but it seems to be not working.

  • In the behavior propertys for the player, change default control to No. Then put what Hasuak said, and it will wait. If you do it this way you will also have to do Pressing Right -> Simulate Control Right and same for Left.

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  • Yea I got it, Thank you guys :)

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