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  • Hello, I am having trouble with the volume in the project I am making. When I added the audio and ran the layout in my browser I had to turn the volume up all the way just to hear it. Is there a option to make it so it is loud at a lower volume setting on my computer?

  • hi, what kind of os are you using ? seems to be a strange mixing effect browser related ? ... have you try using another browser ?

    You can adjust the volume of your sounds in C2 using the "set volume x db" option, positive values will increase the volume level of the related sound but keep in mind that the standard value is "0" ("0" db is the max volume before your speakers will saturate) so perhaps to you have a problem recording your sounds ... try with sounds in free C2 packs.

    I recommand you using a good free sound tool to convert/managed your sounds such as "Audacity".

    Enjoy !

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  • Also if you're in win7, make sure that in the audio mixer, the sound for your browser is set to a comfortable volume.

    In your systray, click the "speaker" icon, and then "Mixer".

    The different applications for which you can modify the volume have each a volume channel. Make sure that the channel with the browser you're using as an icon is set to a high volume, and that the master volume is set to a good volume too.

    Else, as naelian said, there might be an issue with the record volume of your samples, if so, try to normalize them in a sound editor, making sure they are louder but don't make the speakers saturate (no peaks over 0 db).

  • Thanks a lot, that really helps.

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