Vision through the selected sprites on one layer

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  • Hello there!

    Please hear me out and my problem. Perhaps someone will have thoughts or solutions?

    I will be very grateful for your help.

    There is an isometric view and all the sprites on the layer are sorted along the Y axis (depth). And I want to add a view through the walls for the character using a sprite with a Destination out blend mode.

    The main goal is to make a feature which could make an "arial" around the character. This "arial" makes the wall transparent if the character is behind this wall. So in the end the player will see our character, even if he is located behind the wall and other selected objects.

    Not all objects must be transparent, so it should be customizable feature.

    The problem is that all the sprites on the layer becomes transparent, including enemies and character.

    Moving walls to another layer is not an option. Sorting stops working.

    Is it possible to looks through only the walls on the same layer? Or sort objects according to a different principle?

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  • I think you should be able to modify your z-sorting code to divide walls between two layers. Move walls that are behind the player to a layer below, and move walls that are in front of the player to a layer above. And then make a hole in the front layer with the mask sprite and blend mode.

    However, if there are other objects like enemies, that should not be erased, then this will not work.

    There may be a workaround with Paster plugin. Paste front walls on a Paster object, make a hole, display the Paster object and hide the real walls.

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