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  • I have in my game 2 sprite objects and 2 sprite buttons: left arrow sprite and right arrow sprite to control these objects visibility:

    Left arrow click: object1 = visible, object2 = invisible

    Right arrow click: object1 = invisible, object2 = visible

    In the object properties, they are set to visible but for some reason the button clicks wan't turn the visible one's to invisible

    so I tried the same with opacity and now everything works like it should.

    1. Is there any issue with objects visibility in construct 2 ?

    2. What's the difference between using visible/invisible and opacity: 100% / opacity: 0% because the opacity option worked

    for me like I wanted and I can't figure out why ?

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  • There's no issue with visibility. There's must be a problem with your code but unless you upload it we can't see what it is.

  • as codah said there must be something wrong with your code if you post a screenshot of the events we can see if there is a problem

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