How do i make a Virtual Table Top for card games?

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  • Just a simple 2-D VTT for two players, it would have card manipulation, basically you would be able to do anything you could do with cards in the real world like turning them, shuffling, moving them in various ways, etc. It would also have a deck editor and a card store to buy cards or packs.

    I thought that it may be too complicated and it would be best just to hire someone else to do it, so i'm looking at alternatives.

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    If you did something similar to this, I don't think it would be too hard, but you still need to know how to program. The first thing that comes to mind for a game like the one you're talking about is snapping cards to areas on the board or the desk itself, and controlling the randomization of a facedown deck, so you would need more programmed rules than Desperate Gods (because you have to compensate for the lack of 3D in Construct), but you could leave it somewhat open.

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