Viewing PDFs (In a frame or in the inappbrowser plugin - Cordova CLI apk android build)

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  • Hi,

    I have created an app that has a couple of reference .PDF files I need the user to be able to open and view. In testing, I have used the inappbrowser to point to the .pdf files locally - which works fine in the browser preview / web builds.

    the issue is when building as an .apk using Cordova CLI it no longer works. The plugin appears to be added to the config.xml file when building in cordova so i am not sure what's stopping it working.

    Anyone know how to get this working?

    Or if there is a better way to allow the user to view PDFs that would be even better.

    I was hoping I could bring up a PDF in a frame and keep my layout GUI around it but had no luck.


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  • Bump to see if anyone can help.

    I managed to get the PDF opening in a frame. Great on desktop - but on the mobile it still doesn't load. It gives the user a box to download the file. (Guessing due to going into mobile mode)

  • Mayfly

    I saw Ashley reply to someone else saying that in an apk, there is no Browser UI. So, that may be part of the trouble you are having...

    I have seen some other posts recently about people importing html and using a plugin to display that, so that may be easier option.

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