How do I make a video sequence?

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  • I want to make cut scenes for my game. Since Internet browsers wont seem to play a video that is too long or to big of a file, I have to have it play each scene individually. So, I programmed it to basically do this: Play video, when done, change source, play video, when done, change source. That way it can play a sequence of videos. But I have a problem. When it gets to the second video, instead of changing the source and playing the next video, it repeats infinitely. Why does it do that? How can I properly make a video sequence? Here is how I have it:

    1 Video|On Can play through|Video|Play
    2 Video|Has ended|Video|Set video source to "(Webm),""(Ogg Theora), "Game intro (2).mp4" (H.264)
    3 Video|On Can play through|Video|Play
    4 Video|Has ended|Video|Set video source to "(Webm),""(Ogg Theora), "Game intro (3).mp4" (H.264)
    5 Video|On Can play through|Video|Play[/code:321f8xi9]
    Any help would be much appreciated!
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